September 12, 2013

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My name is Heather Ray (formerly Prinzing) and I am the choir director of Tactus, an outstanding men’s choir at Borah High School in Boise, Idaho. Tactus is one of three high school choirs this year in the United States to be invited to perform in the Distinguished Concert Series at Carnegie Hall in New York City in January. Since its inception, this honor has never before been extended to a choir from Idaho.

I am writing to humbly request a donation to help send Tactus to New York City. The total cost of the trip is approximately $65,000 for all thirty-six choir members to participate. This amounts to $1700 per student. While each family has been asked to contribute, the reality is that many of my students come from economically disadvantaged homes, so we would be incredibly grateful for any help you could provide.

Performing at Carnegie Hall would be an opportunity of a lifetime for my students. Many of them have never left Idaho, so the chance to perform in one of the greatest theaters in the world would be immeasurable. As a music educator, it is my goal to prepare students to be lifelong musicians and supporters of the arts. This experience will light that spark in these young men in ways I am unable to do here at home.

I hope you will consider helping these children fulfill this dream.Thank you for visiting our website, www.sendustonyc.org, while you are here, please make a tax deductible donation, stay informed on our fundraising endeavors, learn more about these talented young men, and follow us on our musical adventure to New York City.

Thank you,

Heather Ray 


You can buy tickets to see the actual Carnegie Hall show at http://www.carnegiehall.org/Calendar/2014/1/19/0200/PM/Distinguished-Concerts-International-New-York/